Collection: Matched IdentiTops: Perfect Pairs for Every Occasion

Identitops: Your Ultimate Drink Companion

Designed to sit atop your existing bottle cap, Identitops are not replacements but enhancements to your beverage experience. As their name suggests, Identitops serve as identifiers, aiding in the location, reservation, and protection of your drinks.

Available in three sizes – small, medium, and large – Identitops cater to various cap sizes. The small Identitop is tailored for 16 oz water bottles, with the versatility to fit medium caps if the whiteboard area isn't needed. Meanwhile, the medium Identitop perfectly suits the standard caps found on sodas, while the large size is ideal for larger caps like those on Gatorade bottles. Find the perfect fit for your needs and elevate your hydration game with Identitops.